Very pleased to announce that Triassic is now available as an audiobook from Audible. The novel features a time-travel storyline into the dawn of the dinosaur era. Here’s a link below!

MEGACROC: Origins is coming this year! Discover the events leading up to my 2020 horror novel, MEGACROC. Have you read the original yet?

The MEGACROC Audiobook is now available! This adult horror novel will appease fans of Lake Placid or Blood Surf. Taking place in a fictional Florida town, this bestselling creature-feature novel will thrill readers and listeners alike! Published in 2020 through Severed Press.

The MEGACROC Kindle and Paperback are now for sale on Kindle Unlimited. If you love crocodile or alligator based horror novels like Lake Placid or Blood Surf, than you will DEVOUR this novel! MEGACROC takes you on a thrill ride to Florida as law enforcement officials team up with the Coast Guard to take on a threat from 65 million years in the past!

Link to purchase from Amazon below!

MEGACROC is now available through Kindle Unlimited! Read the groundbreaking 2020 creature horror novel release now through Amazon!
WE DID IT! The Backpack Dinosaur is now available at Barnes and Noble! Many thanks to Glen Wight for making this possible!

Just in time for Halloween! Pteranodon Press’ The Backpack Dinosaur series continues with the next spooky installment, Camp Raptor.

When the Saunders go camping in the Pennsylvanian wilderness, Mr. Saunders tells the kids a scary story about a legendary creature named Fatfoot, who lives in the forest nearby. At first, the children don’t believe the strange tale, until things begin to go bump in the night. It’s up to the children and everyone’s favorite raptor, Tennyson, to investigate the legend themselves.

Camp Raptor will be made available on and The book is perfect for all children in grades 2-5.