Pteranodon Press was started in 2019 by Pittsburgh novelist Julian Michael Carver ( a pseudonym for video editor Joey Kelly). Created as an imprint for Julian’s books, Pteranodon Press publishes science-fiction stories within the lost-world sub genre, touching on stories with extinct animals and dinosaurs.

After being fed up with the literary agent approach to traditional publishing, Carver began researching alternative routes to bring his books to the public. He eventually landed on developing his own publishing house, settling on the name Pteranodon Press for his infatuation of dinosaurs.

In 2019, Pteranodon’s first children’s book series, “The Backpack Dinosaur” released the first two books in the series: A Raptor Ate My Homework! and Camp Raptor. The cover artwork and design has received universal acclaim by readers of the series.

You can follow Pteranodon Press on the Twitter handle: @PteranodonPress