Does Pteranodon Press accept unsolicited manuscripts?

Not at this time.

Does Pteranodon Press accept agented manuscripts?

Not at this time.

Will Pteranodon Press accept manuscript submissions in the future?

We are toying with the idea of eventually releasing a yearly short story anthology compilation. No decision has been made at this time.

What types of books does Pteranodon Press publish?

Currently, we are primarily a science-fiction publisher, and publish works specifically in the lost world sub-genre.

Where can I buy Pteranodon Press books?

Our books are available in both ebook and paperback form and can be purchased online through popular retailers like Amazon, Ingram, and Barnes and Noble.

Where is Pteranodon Press based?

Developed in 2019 by Julian Michael Carver, Pteranodon Press is based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Is Pteranodon Press on social media?

Yes. Our Twitter handle is @PteranodonPress.