Price of Extinction

Price of Extinction is a 2019 novel in development by author Julian Michael Carver. Set against the backdrop of northern Vermont, the novel touches on the true legend of Lake Champlain, where a sea creature, known famously as “Champ” is said to reside under the four hundred foot deep lake.

Local college professor, Dr. Erin Robinson is new to the area, and firmly denies to her class that she believes in the legend, claiming that plesiosaurs like Champ died out in the Cretaceous. Unbeknownst to her, a band of rogue mercenaries have their eyes set on the lake, determined to capture Champ and sell the sea serpent to the highest bidder on the Dark Web. Soon Erin is drawn into their plot, forced at gunpoint to assist the shadowy operation in hunting down the monster.

Based on the true story of Champ, North America’s own Loch Ness Monster, Price of Extinction continues the theme set forth by Pteranodon Press to continue in the lost world theme. The novel is set to be released later in 2019.